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Planning a School Tour of Berlin?

Planning a School Tour of Berlin?

Planning a School Tour of Berlin? Here’s why it’s a good idea..... 

A peek into the fascinating past of Berlin will do a great deal in educating students about how Berlin came to be what it is today. If you are lucky enough to know your family history, you might have grandparents that fought the 2nd World War, they would have treated you to stories about Berlin, that are both scary and exciting. Berlin is still rebuilding, re-painting and evolving so there’s a lot to learn about this great city as a student. 

The story of this city is quite an interesting one as you will learn on a school tour of Berlin. It did not just become the culturally dynamic and glamorous city that it is today; it went through a destructive world war and a destabilizing cold war. Imagine having to build a wall that will divide the country for three-decade, pulling down the walls and rebuilding the city from scratch all over again. For a young mind like you, this might appear as something you’ll see in a Sci-Fi, which is why you have to see and hear it with your own eyes on a school tour of Berlin. 

In four to five days, you can take in lots of history, science, and beauty that Berlin has to offer. You would, in the end, feel as if you were there when all of this happened, like time-traveling into the past. Here’s what you are in for during the berlin school tour; 

  •      Berlin Wall Museum, Brandenburg Gate, Alexander Square & the Tiergarten

Be ready to be blown away and wowed right from your arrival. Let’s start with the Berlin Wall Museum; this is where you will learn the history behind the Berlin Wall that was put up in 1961 and torn down in 1989. The Berlin Wall was four-meter high and 155 kilometers long. 

You’ll also be visiting the Brandenburg Gate. Standing at 26 meters tall, it used to be a symbol of German division, but today it has emerged as a symbol of peace, harmony, and unity. It was built in 1788 by drawing inspiration from Athenian architecture. During the German Cold war, it was a regular protest point for West Berliners. When the Berlin wall was to be torn down, Angela Merkel, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Lech Walesa all walked through the Brandenburg Gate. 

What of Alexander Square? You’ll hear Berliners affectionately referring to Alexander Square as “Alex.” That’s because Alexander Square is one of the liveliest places anyone can be in Berlin. You’ll find numerous shops, restaurants, cinemas, and multiple attractions in Alex. Aside from being an attraction, Alexander Square has a history of its own with the March Revolution of 1989, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

The first day of your Berlin School Tour will also see you visiting the Tiergarten, Berlin Wall Documentation Centre, and the Berlin TV Tower. At the Berlin TV Tower, you’ll be treated to a panoramic and scenic view of the entire city. A breathtaking view of all of Berlin in one swoop. 

  •      Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Brace up yourself; you are about to become an expert in German history with a visit to the biggest concentration during the 2nd World War. It was touted to have held no less than 200,000 prisoners during World War II.  You’ll learn why half died in the camp while being held. You’ll see how and why people died from diseases, executions, and overworking to produce armaments. Built in 1936, it was a concentration camp till 1945. Did you know that prisoners built the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp? 

  •       The Olympiastadion

Let not your spirit be dampened by the visit to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, as something exciting is still coming your way on the School our of Berlin, and that’s the Olympiastadion. Initially built to host the 1936 Summer Olympics. If you watched the highlights of the 2006 World Cup, it was held right in the Olympiastadion. It took Germain builders around two years to put together the Olympiastadion. 

  •      Berlin Zoo and the Aquarium

Another interesting part of your Berlin School Tour will be a visit to the Berlin Zoo and the Aquarium. If you have a thing for animals both on land and water, there’s no better place to see how they thrive. The Berlin Zoo is quite close to being the natural habitats of these animals. You’ll be treated to several fairy tales and fables in the Berlin Zoo and The Aquarium. 

  •      The Berliner Unterwelten & The Dark Worlds

There’s rarely any other city in the world where you’ll find quite a long stretch of underground tunnels. If you’ve ever wondered how it happens in movies, this is where you’ll see a tunnel in its pure form. It’s not just about the tunnels but the bunkers that provided shelter and safety for Berliners in the wake of World War II. 

While 80% of the Berlin City center was being destroyed in the 2nd World War, these tunnels and bunkers remain untouched and unmoved. 

Final Thoughts

Berlin school tour offers you a taste of history, science, football, architecture, and amusements. There’s no other place you’ll want to be different than Berlin when next your School plans a school tour. 

Remember that Berlin is a city that is ever-changing, fluid, and dynamic.