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USIT School Tours Blog - Amsterdam with Pommina

staff member here at USIT School Tours, Pommina tells us all about one of her favourite cities, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is one of my favourite city in the world. I have been to it many times and I would go back again and again if I could.

The architecture, history, the vibe, the people, and yes, the food, they have amazing range of food in that city! There is  so much to do that even after many visits, I still find new things to do and see. Here are some of my favourite places in Amsterdam:

You simply must do a walking tour...

Amsterdam is a small city that the best way to orient yourself is to do a walking tour. You’ll learn some history, know where the famous sites are, and explore the canals.

Van Gogh Museum...

I am a big fan of Van Gogh, so this is one of my favourite place in Amsterdam! But, even if you’re not a fan, it has so much to offer. The museum is made up of four floors and each floor has unique focus on Van Gogh’s life and work. There are over 200 pieces of art by Van Gogh alone and there is also a special film on him. There’s so much to see, so much to admire, so much to learn in this place that everyone should experience!

Canal Boat Tours - an interesting way to see the city...

The canals of Amsterdam are one of the most popular visitor attractions. The cruises feature an audio guide that gives a general overview and background of the historic gabled buildings and sights you sail past on your cruise. It’s pretty cool!

Delicious Dutch food!

As I stated on my introduction, Amsterdam has an amazing range of food! The best way to taste these foods is from the markets. Poffertjes is my favourite! These little fluffy clouds of goodness are served up at restaurants and pancake houses all over Amsterdam as well. They will sprinkle them with powdered sugar, melted butter and it will blow you away!

One of the popular food that tourists might try is the Raw Herring (‘haring’) It is a pickled raw fish with a strong taste. Dutch raw herring is very popular in Amsterdam. It is a bit strange to eat a raw fish that has nothing to do with sushi, but this is a must for tourists!

The other best way to try Dutch food is from vending machine and they are fresh! You’ll see a selection of hot snacks including hamburgers, frinkandellen and croquettes displayed behind glass doors. You will only need put some coins into the slot and dinner is served!